This is one of those "why didn't i think of that!" products. My 3 year old loves her Nesquik Chocolate milk but she always spills it. First thing we did after this arrived was drive to Wawa and buy her a chocolate milk. This fit perfectly upside down inside the neck. The straw fit snuggly and she was able to enjoy her milk without me worrying that she was going to spill it. Great product! I'll be buying more.

Comment by D. Wood on Amazon

" I used this on both my 5 year old and 2 year old. It allowed them to drink from a regular plastic water bottle independently with ease and without the usual mess. Makes a nice seal. Easy to store, carry, clean and use. Highly recommended. "

Comment by Vishkan on Amazon

"We have tried many different bottle cap's in the last five years and all of them are too complicated to use or with far too many pieces. Our kids just didn't want to wait for the bottle cap to drink. The jellycap is the best bottle cap's you can buy, it's awesome! Easy to use and fit all bottles we have tried with no spills. It's also great for introducing the straw to the little ones, our son transition from the bottle to the cup has been way easier thanks to JellyCAP."

Comment by Jesus A. Ochoa on on Amazon