The Story: 

Once upon a time, deep in cowboy country, there lived a king named David and a Queen named Pru. King David and Queen Pru had two princes - Matisse and Daven. The royal family lived a peaceful life and loved each other very much. The princes were well-behaved all the time...well, except when they had to drink water or juice from a bottle. Every time their parents gave them a bottled beverage, both princes - especially Daven - would throw a big fuss.

Drinking from a regular bottle was so hard!

And it could even be a choking hazard. So when the princes would drink from a beverage bottle - whether it was in their palace or in the car or on the plane or at a party - there would be a big, wet mess! Oh, thought King David, if only there was a solution to this problem!

Luckily, in the kingdom, there was a magician. His name was Jelly Capperfield. Prince Matisse and Prince Daven called him Mr. Jelly Cap. Mr. Jelly Cap decided to solve the one and only problem that haunted the royal family. So, he took some soft, non-toxic materials and designed a bottle cap (in the USA) that would fit any beverage bottle in the kingdom. He branded his miracle product "the JellyCAP". And lo and behold...JellyCAP solved all of the problems in the kingdom. Everyone lived happily ever after!


From left to right, Queen Pru, Prince Daven, Prince Matisse and King David. All rights reserved.

From left to right, Queen Pru, Prince Daven, Prince Matisse and King David. All rights reserved.

About JellyCAP:

JellyCAP solves a problem that parents (and kids) frequently face when the little ones try to drink water, juice or any other beverage from a standard bottle. Splatter, mess, and even choking are not uncommon. JellyCAP not only makes drinking easy and safe, but also fun. Kids love the gentle texture of the product, and as a result, they drink more fluids.

JellyCAP is a universal bottle cap - in other words, it turns any bottle (of any size and shape) into either a sport-bottle or a straw-bottle. (not leak-proof)

JellyCAP and its case (included) are free of BPA, Phthalates, PVC, Lead, Latex and Cadmium.

JellyCAP is also proudly Made, Designed and Packed in the USA. Patented.