What is JellyCAP?

JellyCAP turns any bottled beverage into a kid-friendly drink. Our product is the only bottle top that converts any beverage container into either a sport bottle or a straw bottle. JellyCAP is splatter proof and free of BPA, Phthalates, PVC, Lead, Latex and Cadmium. Our product makes drinking easy and fun; so kids consume more water and other fluids. Patented.

What is JellyCAP Made of?

JellyCAP is made of a High Grade Soft and Flexible Material that is gentle on the teeth. It is free of BPA, Phthalates, PVC, Lead, Latex and Cadmium - Made, Designed and Packed in the USA. Patented.

Why is the product called "JellyCAP"?

According to the cooler and more fun story, a magician named Mr. Jelly Capperfield designed JellyCAP to rescue a kingdom from chaos and mess. According to boring adults, the design inspiration was taken from nature - in this case a Jellyfish.

Is JellyCAP leak-proof?

JellyCAP is splatter-proof (not leak-proof.) If attached correctly to any bottle, JellyCAP minimizes the mess that a spill would otherwise create. Of course, if you or your kids decide to jump on a JellyCAP'd bottle, or ride it like a witch's broom, you will end up with a small indoor swimming pool.

Does JellyCAP come with a straw?

JellyCAP does not include a straw. However, it is designed to fit any standard straw...in other words, unless you have big muscles, don't try to insert a wide milkshake straw into JellyCAP.

Is there an age recommendation for JellyCAP?

JellyCAP is designed for kids from ages 2 to 109.

Does JellyCAP come in colors not shown on this website?

JellyCAP comes in Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Purple and Orange.

Does JellyCAP only come in a packet of 3?

The reason for selling JellyCAP in a pack of 3 is that parents can keep one in the house, one in the car and one in their bag or purse. This way, no matter where you are, you always have a JellyCAP handy.